7 Operations

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I can get this done in 7 operations. How about you?

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Only a 3 stars? Come on. This is good!
I agree! But ... when someone has decided to be a bastard, we can't do anything about it. I always give 5 stars if someone bother to make a level and keep the GM alive.
Your level are good, as always. Please bypass my accidental rating! Playing on 2.5 inches small box, 512 kb of RAM and zoom frequently blocked, I have not time for that sort of nonsense.
Accidentally!!! You have never gave "accidentally" 4-5 stars ? ... Why don't you simply stop giving the stars if you can't?
Little stars go on-off randomly every time I restart the game. In these unfavorable conditions my rating has no value. Put in other words, this means not being re-elected in the upcoming elections AH AH AH!!!
You can always correct your review AFTER you have started your device.
Prolly not the best method, but 5 operations. Great level Mr. B :)
Nice work!